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    "Yoogle down in history."

    Artist: Traditional
    Real Lyric: "You'll go down in history."

    The story:

    I was just remembering today a blunder I made for years regarding a Christmas song. My daughter was singing "Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer" and I started laughing remembering my mistake. The last line in the song, you'll remember, is "You'll go down in history." Ok, does ANYONE sing that slow?? Has ANYONE ever learned that song by reading the WORDS to it?? No! Everyone sings that super fast, right? So as a kid, when learning the song, I thought the song said, "Yoogle down in history." Ya, that's right, "yoogle". Kinda like "Google" - that wasn't a word until recently. So why couldn't "yoogle" be a word, huh?

    "What would YOOGLE mean?" you ask. I thought, as a KID, mind you, that it meant to "boogie". So I pictured the song saying, "Rudolph, boogie down in history!!" Seriously, I'm not making this up!! When did I discover the real words? Here's the shocker.... When I was walking along an aisle in the grocery store, and Elevator Music was on the loud speakers with tons of Christmas songs. The "choir" sang the last line to "Rudolph" real fast as always but then, as elevator music usually does, they repeated the last line slowly to end the song. Only then did I hear the correct words strung out s-l-o-w-l-y .... "You'll go down in His-Tor-Y." I stopped in my tracks, my face flushed and I felt like the stupidest person in the world! How old was I ? EIGHTEEN!!! Yes, 18 years old, people!!! I laughed so hard at myself that I actually laughed outright in public. I could NOT believe my mistake - my 18 year mistake! Thankfully, everyone sings that song so fast that nobody ever knew what I was singing!

    So "Yoogle" down tonight and enjoy the holidays!

    Cami A. Ashby

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